Out of the mouths of babes, how some kids perceive brain surgery…

Following is a list of nine hilarious comments and questions an elementary music teacher was asked by her students when she recently returned to work.

Sharing with permission. By fellow brain tumor warrior, Emily Blinn

“I  went back to work today… I teach elementary music so some of the kids remembered why I was gone and some didn’t. Regardless, their questions and comments are hilarious:

  1. So is your brain like really deep in your head? Like the earth’s core?
  2. Did it hurt?
  3. Did you get to see your brain?
  4. Are you sure they took out the right part?
  5. Is your head all weird shaped?
  6. What if they didn’t put stuff back right?
  7. Did your brain grow too fast because you’re really smart and that’s why they had to take some out because you have too much?
  8. If I want to be a doctor do I have to do brain stuff?
  9. It sounds gross!

I also had a second-grader break down in tears because she was worried about my hair. I told them I am going to shave my head to even things out and she’s said, ‘I won’t look like a girl.’ To which one of my more woke girls said, ‘girls can have short hair, long hair is a gender norm!’ (from the mouth of an 8-year-old!)”

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