A Beautiful Heart

When I was working, I used to take everything so darn seriously. I was a perfectionist and it was as if every task was a matter of life or death. Well, just look how that turned out…it took a brain cancer diagnosis for me to learn the real meaning of life and death. With all that’s going on in the…

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An Indelible Mark

“Make it edgy,” I said to the tattoo artist. “There isn’t anything pretty about brain cancer.”   It was 5:45 p.m. on Saturday, April 30, 2016. Although it had been a warm and sunny California day, I felt gloomy. I wanted the tattoo to personify my state of mind at the time: edgy and colorless. I was still struggling to…

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“We are up here to share the stories that too often go unheard and to show the magic that happens when we stop and listen to each other.”  – Bruce Lemon, KPCC In Person Host on Unheard LA Remember… ‘earplugs out, sunglasses off, tilt the music stand up, pull the microphone to the side.  Oh, and most important of all… you…

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The Real Badass

I was originally going to call the book I am working on “Badass Brain Cancer Warrior.”  Then I realized, that could imply I already consider myself a badass…and truth be told, I’m not a badass—not really—not yet. While there are many badasses in the world, I cannot in good conscience proclaim to be one of them.  Don’t get me wrong,…

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