Once the scars are gone…

This journey continues to lead me to amazing and inspirational people.  The following words of wisdom are from a fellow brain tumor warrior named Sam Hunter:

“As I observe my 3rd Brain Tumor Awareness Month, I am more hopeful than worried about my future. I worry more about my loved ones, who still have to adjust to who I am today; especially my youngest, who sometimes feels he is more my caretaker than the other way around.

I don’t seek sympathy as I continue to cope with my life changes. I have a fantastic support team and a positive prognosis. However, there are many who don’t.

As the observance of Brain Tumor Awareness Month comes to an end, I ask that you remember those who will deal with this horrible disease for a lifetime. It never really goes away. Every MRI brings anxiety that the tumor has returned. We spend a lot of time praying for clean scans; a tough way to live life.

In memory of the many who have been so tragically impacted, I ask that you please consider donating to any nonprofit organization supporting brain tumor research and patients. With 120 – 140 types of brain tumors, there is still a lot of work to be done.

Thank you for your consideration.”

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