Mentoring Mondays with Rick Franzo and David Owens

Did you know that organizations such as the American Brain Tumor Association (ABTA) will match brain tumor and caregiver mentors with brain tumor patients and/or their caregivers? I recently wrote about a champion in the brain tumor community, Rick Franzo (click here to read the blog post). In addition to everything else he does, Rick has served as an ABTA…

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Join us for the ABTA’s BT5k

Will you help us go GRAY in MAY for brain tumor/cancer awareness? We will be participating in the BT5K Los Angeles Breakthrough for Brain Tumors Run & Walk, an inspiring and fun event benefiting the American Brain Tumor Association (ABTA). JOIN THE TEAM! The more the merrier! We are inviting all our friends and family to join our team in support…

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Second Chance in Life

Following is a quote by fellow brain tumor warrior, Sarah Caras.  Sharing with permission.  Thank you for your beautiful words, Sarah!   “I think one of the coolest things about people in our position is we get a second chance in life that most people don’t get. We get to see how precious life really is and can live our lives…

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“The Brain Cancer Warriors” video compilation by Sarah Trask

Sharing with permission.  Thank You Sarah Trask for the time, heart and soul you put into compiling these videos.

Poetry by Mel Jayne

Sharing with permission.  Thank you, Mel Jayne!   “So I’m still fighting Still surviving Got this sh*t, six years on staying strong, I read, I cry sometimes reply, I admire you all and when we are down you warriors around to listen, help or advise be the shoulder to cry knowing you are there to care means the most. Keep…

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