“A Face Of Strength” p.3

…a brain tumor/cancer awareness campaign @2nd Chance 2 Live! Welcome to A Face Of Strength. This is a PUBLIC social media campaign to promote the inspiration, strength, and wisdom of brain tumor/cancer survivors. 2nd Chance 2 Live officially launched A Face Of Strength via Facebook on Sunday, March 7, 2021, with the ultimate goal of creating 365 images! Congratulations to the following four survivors…

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claire bullimore talks and aunty m brain tumours and her brain tumor story

Catching Up with Claire Bullimore

I recently had the chance to sit down for a virtual cuppa tea and crumpets with Claire Bullimore of the U.K.  After reading Claire’s book, A Brain Tumour’s Travel Tale, I started following her on social media. I’m a member of her interactive Facebook groups, Brain Tumour Bloggers United and Aunty M. Brain Tumour Chat Room. She really gives brain…

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Interviewed by Aunty M Brain Tumours

Thank you Claire Bullimore; brain tumor survivor extraordinaire in the U.K. for interviewing me for Aunty M Brain Tumours! Claire is a brain tumor support advocate, blogger, author, speaker, and social media guru. Meeting, interacting with, and reading about survivors like Claire is something that has truly made a positive difference for me throughout my brain tumor journey. I am…

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