Tax Reform.  What Tax Reform? 

By: Bonnie Harris Hayden, Esq. and Wendy Santana, CFRE:   Last week, thanks to The Nonprofit Partnership in Long Beach, we had a chance to hear Brian Yacker, JD/CPA of YH Advisors talk about some of the ways the new tax laws will, directly and indirectly, affect non-profit organizations (NPO’s). During the two-hour session, we gleaned three core acknowledgments, six…

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Five Questions to Consider Prior to Launching a Major Gifts Program

Congratulations!  Your board has come to the realization that to sustain your nonprofit, you will need to diversify your funding streams.  As we know, unbalanced reliance on private grants, government grants, or special events can be costly and detrimental to the financial health of your agency.  Conversely, increasing contributions from individuals is both cost-effective and can drastically improve the long-term…

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