The Come Back

I’m back!

After nearly eight months of little to no physical activity, I am proud to announce that I returned to exercise two weeks ago.

I was in a lot of pain and it took a great deal of time and energy to figure out the cause and then to take care of it via another major surgery followed by yet another recovery.

During the two weeks since my return exercise, I have taken a variety of group fitness classes (granted all of these are designed for “older active adults” which is perfect since apparently, my last birthday qualified me for this category. This also works well for me because my gross motor function can still be challenged in certain settings, especially on my right side).

So, what are all these exciting classes I’ve been taking? Glad you asked…my list includes the following: Gentle Yoga, Qigong/Tai Chi, Aqua Fitness, and Zumba!

Okay, maybe it’s not exactly what comes to mind when I say Zumba. The real name of the class is Zumba Gold and it is described as “less intense than a traditional Zumba Basic class…designed for older active adults 50+, or for people with health difficulties or recuperating from surgery and just getting back into exercise.”

While I was taking Yoga, Tai Chi and Aqua Fitness regularly prior to my departure from exercise eight months ago…I am most excited about the Zumba Gold class because I haven’t taken Zumba since 2014.  Zumba was a class that I loved and attended regularly prior to my craniotomy.

I remember arriving in acute rehabilitation the week after my craniotomy and waking up one day to the words “return to Zumba” listed on a board in front of me as one of my goals.  This goal was provided by my husband and I really found it irritating at the time whenever a physical or occupational therapist would mention it to me. Here I was unable to move my right side, I couldn’t even walk or “transfer” myself from a wheelchair to the toilet and they were talking to me about Zumba.

Okay, so it took me three years.  I may not be the most graceful person in the class and I may need to wear earplugs now due to the way the loud music affects my nervous system…but hey, I’m back. I’m finally back!

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