“Honoring, celebrating, and remembering those impacted by GBM.”

Glioblastomas, also known as GBM and Glioblastoma Multiforme are malignant grade 4 brain tumors. This is the most aggressive and deadliest type of brain cancer. There isn’t a cure for brain cancer and the average life expectancy for someone newly diagnosed with GBM is 14-16 months.

This year, GBM Awareness Day occurred on July 20th which also happened to be the one-year anniversary of Jennifer Marie’s passing due to GBM. Although I only knew Jennifer Marie as a fellow brain cancer warrior, I could tell she was a beautiful soul. Jennifer Marie became my inspiration for creating the ongoing “A Face of Strength” brain tumor and cancer awareness campaign that I run on my blog, 2nd Chance 2 Live.  The purpose of the campaign is to spread awareness, put a face to the disease, provide inspiration, offer hope, showcase the urgent need for funding a cure, and help establish a digital footprint for those who want one.

This year, Sherrie Izban, Manager of the American Brain Tumor Association‘s Volunteer Network
helped me get the word out about a special “A Face of Strength” campaign I aimed to orchestrate on GBM Day. Following is a summary of the results from that day:

43 images were shared across social media

22 GBM survivors honored

15 lives were remembered

Links to individual images on Instagram:

Additional links to where the special GBM Day campaign images can be found:

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