From the initial shock and loss that comes with a devastating health diagnosis to overcoming barriers and choosing positivity; resilience is a recurring theme that has surfaced through my interviews with brain tumor/cancer book authors and survivors.  I strongly believe our messages of hope and the lessons we have learned, can help people to cope with any medical crisis (including COVID-19).

Most of us go through an emotional process that requires time and patience as we endure surgeries and treatments, but once we learn to accept what is – we end up reinventing ourselves and we transform from survivors into thrivers

Below are 10 words deriving from “resilience” and inspired by the interviews:











The following are some of my favorite quotes from the interviews (the specific interviews are hyperlinked to the photos). Additionally, the links to the books can be found here: https://2ndchance2live.com/suggestedreading/

“Armed with faith, hope, and an abundance of love, this farm girl is prepared to fight!”

-Kelly Rodenberg, There’s Something Going On Upstairs

“Cancer is evil and unfair, but it also allowed me to learn from it.  Change breeds opportunity.  I was taking advantage of the disease, not letting it take advantage of me.  I was making this my experience where I took cancer along for the ride, not the other way around.” 

 -Matthew S. Newman, Starting At The Finish Line

“Every day can be a new beginning, even if moments right before that seemed like an ending.”

-Rick Franzo, How Horseshoes Saved My Life – A tale of two brain tumors.

“We all have the capacity within us to make the world a better place.”

Steve Cox, If You Love Me, Take Me Now.

“I feel I have rediscovered life after a brain tumor, a new life and I love it!”

Nathalie Jacob, 8: Rediscovering Life After a Brain Tumor.

Claire Bullimore Interview For Aunty M brain Tumours “But then I reminded myself that I will take opportunities now, life is too short.”

-Claire Bullimore, author of multiple brain tumor books and founder of Aunty M Brain Tumours

“I have learned to have empathy toward others, not to sweat the little things, and always keep it all in perspective.”

-Isabel Neidorf, 17-year brain cancer survivor and the inspiration behind Heart of the Brain

“I am now fifteen years post Stage 3 Brain Cancer, recurrence-free. I did this through luck, through medical care, and through creating things that needed to be finished.”

-Richard Harvey, 20 Poems 20 Paintings A Creative Warrior’s Journal

Feeling an overwhelming sense that I have to do ‘something positive’ with my life now. This is my second chance. Knowing somehow I need to help others and that I can.”

-Jo Barlow, IT’S ALL IN MY HEAD: How to Survive a Brain Tumour and Find Peace of Mind.

“It’s helped me to see I’m not the only one, and it’s important to share my story to help others.”

David Owens, 20-year brain tumor survivor

“So I choose to live in the now. I definitely live for memories, the good days, and hugs!  Just because life doesn’t look the way I had hoped or dreamed about it’s okay because we have all three of our kids here on earth.”

-Jenny Shapiro, mother of Alexis Shapiro (9-year brain tumor survivor)

Lastly, although this one wasn’t from an interview… I felt compelled to share it too:

“I learned that just because something is scary and we might cry about what’s happening, it’s also okay to laugh and have fun.”

-Noé Santana and Wendy Santana, That Thing on my Mom’s Brain

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